Thai Bodyworks

The purpose of Thai Bodywork is to assist in alleviating stress and tension, which build up in the body's soft tissues and to trigger the body's own natural healing process.

Thai Bodywork is an ancient form of healing believed to originate from the time of Buddha. The Thai technique is described by some as a kind of passive yoga. The Thai method uses two primary procedures - applying deep, consistent pressure to specific nerves, tendons and ligaments, and a wide variety of passive stretching movements manipulating the skeleton in order to balance the functions of the body

Thai Can Help With: re balancing muscles, reducing aches, pains & stiffness which prevents participation in sports/leisure activities, postural realignment, neck & shoulders stiffness, stress, back pain, tennis & golfers elbow - and many more...

The techniques used can assist in breaking down adhesion's and scar tissues between muscular fibres, allowing muscle groups to glide more easily between each other, producing smoother movements, reducing friction between fibres - thereby greatly reducing the risk of new injuries.


• Traditional Thai Massage (full body) - 60 mins/90 mins
• Thai Foot Massage (legs and feet) - 30 mins
• Thai Torso Massage (Back & Shoulders) - 30 minutes
• Thai Steamed Herbal Massage (full body) - 60 mins
• Thai Steamed Herbal Massage (Back & Shoulders) - 30 mins
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